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How to Install CM10 on Xperia E (SS)



  1. Rooted and Unlocked Sony Xperia E (SS/DS) Mobile Phone.
  2. USB Cable
  3. Battery Life recommended at least 50%
  4. PC (Windows)
  5. Download and Install “Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool” here
  6. Download Unofficial CM10 for Xperia E (Nanhu) here or here
  7. Download Related GAPPS file here
  8. Download CM_Nanhu_DS-OTA 1.1.0.zip here



Installation step by step:

  1. Extract boot.img file from downloaded CM10 zip file and copy it to the  installed directory of ADB and Fastboot Tool
  2. Copy the downloaded CM10 zip file to phone SDCard
  3. Copy the downloaded GAPPS to phone SDCard
  4. Copy the downloaded CM_Nanhu_DS-Ota file to phone SDCard
  5. Unplug and power off phone
  6. Plug in Fastboot Mode (USB+Vol up) until Blue LED
  7. Run ADB and Fastboot Tool
  8. Enter “fastboot devices”; if everything goes well, you will get response of device id
  9. Enter “fastboot flash boot boot.img”
  10. Enter “fastboot reboot recovery”
  11. Unplug phone and wait for CWRP recovery mode
  12. Select Wipe phone and user data
  13. Select Wipe cache
  14. Select Install Zip from SDCard/external SDCard
  15. Select the previously copied unofficial CM10
  16. Select Install Zip from SDCard/external SDCard
  17. Select the previously copied CM_DS_Nanhu_OTA.1.1.0 zip file
  18. Select Install Zip from SDCard/external SDCard
  19. Select the previously copied GAPPS zip file
  20. Select wipe cache
  21. Select reboot system
  22. Now phone is installed with CM10 ROM (dual SIM working)
  23. Download and Install root explorer/browser application here
  24. Run Root Explorer
  25. Look for and edit “build.prop” file under directory “/system/”
  26. Delete Line “persist.multisim.config=dsds”
  27. Save file
  28. Reboot phone
  29. Now you have a fully working XE with CM10 installed

Note: Do this at your own risk. Good Luck

Screenshot from my XE:

Screenshot_2013-12-21-12-07-45 Screenshot_2013-12-21-12-08-07 Screenshot_2013-12-21-12-09-34 Screenshot_2013-12-21-12-10-16 Screenshot_2013-12-21-12-10-49 Screenshot_2013-12-21-12-11-03 Screenshot_2013-12-21-12-12-16 Screenshot_2013-12-21-12-12-30 Screenshot_2013-12-21-12-12-38

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